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Welcome to Your Ultima Online Rares Database Search Engine.


Welcome to The Ultima Online Rares Database! Your one stop place for UO Rares Collectors to Search for information on Ultima Online Rares, and the place to Buy UO Rares! Broker Services also available!

Items listed for sale do not all belong to me. A lot of them are items on Consignment. All prices are set by each owner of the items. Prices will vary, and can even vary if there are multiple quantities of the same item by different owners.

This site is in the process of becoming the best ultima online guide out there!

Our goals as time goes by:

  • Have every Rare on Ultima Online listed and pictured here
  • Gather as much history on each rare, and recover all history lost over the years
  • Document all previously undocumented rare items on UO
  • Add Sound waves to rares with sound
  • Create a user interface to be able to add items to wishlist, add rares users own etc.
  • Add hue IDs and Item IDs

Please keep checking back as our site forms into something miraculous!

Special Thanks;

  • Thank you Hubby aka Lewt/Sokaku (LuT) for your hard work to make this database possible!!
  • Thank you Manticore for all of your dedication and hard work with keeping up with Rares and information all these years! Without him this database would not be possible, as a lot of the information is gleaned from his archives list.
  • Thank you to everyone who has lent me their items for pictures, and sent pictures in.

If you would like to purchase an item in our for sale list, please contact me at ICQ 111891022

If you need a Reputable Ultima Online broker, contact me for trusted uo broker services. Please stay safe, make sure it is me you are dealing with by double checking my contact information, icq, or pm me at stratics.

If you would like me to sell an item for you, you must place your item with me, there will be a commission taken. Please contact me for details.

-Lady Decadence (=$=)

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  • Why I Have Lost Most of My Passion For Rares

    Yes, I have lost my passion for rares. Ultima Online has always had the worst customer service ever, but now they have fallen down to nothingness. Over the many years of playing UO, I have always felt like I was wronged in so many ways. I have always thought I was a glutton for punishment when I kept returning. I could practically hear the words,'Thank you may I have another?" spewing from my mouth, every time I reopened another account. [Read More]

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