Why I Have Lost Most of My Passion For Rares

Why I Have Lost Most of My Passion For Rares

Yes, I have lost my passion for rares. Ultima Online has always had the worst customer service ever, but now they have fallen down to nothingness. Over the many years of playing UO, I have always felt like I was wronged in so many ways. I have always thought I was a glutton for punishment when I kept returning. I could practically hear the words,'Thank you may I have another?" spewing from my mouth, every time I reopened another account.

I am not rich, and I work hard for my rares. Although there are so many beautiful rares, I try to keep a special focus, to what I collect, so that I don't go nuts buying everything and anything. My special focus has been pets, lanterns, and wearables. I have had 3 favorite lanterns. They are beautiful, and I loved wearing them around and showing them off. Face it, all rares collectors love to show off their collections, and they love the ooh ahh factor of those around them. However 2 of my favorite lanterns has been ruined. My two-toned "See I beat Mesanna playing roulette" was a veryyyy special hue. People's jaws would drop, when they saw it, just like when mine did, when I first saw and acquired it. However Mesanna "duped" my lantern by putting out formosa and hokuto. This was very disappointing, and almost caused my /quit UO. I also had 2 very special blaze colored lanterns. One is "romanticist in airirang" and the other "light of new year". An Em recently put out over 100 blaze colored lanterns... and spell channeling to boot. This is the last straw for me. In my opinion, this is proof that none of my rares are safe.

I am slowly selling my rares. I don't know if I will sell my precious lanterns, pets or wearables. But any rare that I don't completely covet will be liquidated slowly. It is a slow painful process of trying to empty such rares.

What does this mean for I don't know yet. I have worked very hard on this site, but there are definitely too many rares to take pictures of, and too time consuming to finish. I have so many things in real life on my plate, I will continue to try to devote some time here and there to adding more to this site, however with other things calling me, the future is uncertain.

-Lady Decadence