Red Nightmare

Red Nightmare

Long Hair

There is one long haired version of this Red Nightmare, and one short mane. This red colored nightmare belongs to Shushu.  

Shushu has done his best to recall information on the nightmare, but it was a long time ago:

From what Shushu remembers, from sometime in 1998 through September of 1999, there was a Golmor Event Story Arc on some of the Asian shards.  On Hokuto, Wakoku, Asuka, and Yamato shards, three rare types of Nightmares spawned. Some were deep red, the same color as Minax Faction War Horses. Some were light red, like tthe one pictured below. Some had long manes and some had short manes.  Hokuto had a server down, and the horses were immediately lost. That left the horses on Wakoku, Asuka, and Yamato. As far as shushu knows, as these horses existed before pet bonding, all of them have since died, and only 2 are known to remain; Shushu's long mane red nightmare located on Atlantic, and another short mane red nightmare on Asuka.

Thank you Shushu for racking your brain for the history, and allowing me to put the Nightmare up on the site!

1 of these were originally created.