Stuffed Fish With Gareth's Remains

Stuffed Fish With Gareth's Remains

Chesapeake Season 9, 2011

Unknown Quantity Clicky item.

The Stuffed Fish with Gareth's Remains is a two-toned neon red and blue trophy wall hanging fish. There is a similar rare item that has the same graphics and hue, but its rarer. That one is called "The Fish That Ate The Remains Of Gareth" which has around 15 or less.

There was a 2nd incidence where on September 6, 2012 The Chesapeake EM accidently cast a gate to EM's "Green Acres" where players who attended the event were able to loot a bunch of rares. Some of these rares included the Stuffed Fish with Gareth's Remains, adding to the quantity that was out there already.