Gift Box (Neon)

Gift Box (Neon)

#51 A

Season 6, Christmas Box 2008

This item is a Gift Box often referred to as a Neon Gift Box. Gift boxes came from holiday tickets. Rare ones were the neon colored boxes. Gift Boxes can be locked down or locked down and secured. It works like other containers and can hold 125 items. It can not be blessed or insured, and can be stolen by a thief if in Felucca, or by guild members or alliance.

Orich has discovered that there is a box identical to this box except for 1 pixel shade difference. I have added this box to the chart, and named it #51 B

Hue id: 1100

Although there are more gift boxes than the list, Manticore put together a Christmas Box List which collectors have followed as a target collection. Some collectors have gone beyond this list though.

This Box is listed as #51 on his list.

You can see the full chart of the neon gift box set.