Fragment Of Bloodstone

Fragment Of Bloodstone

Airirang Shard, Season 11, 2013

On November 18, 2013 Fragment Of Bloodstone dropped on Arirang shard, at an event at 8:00 AM Eastern time.

Hue id: 2949

Item id: KMU

"Siegmund the Paladin lead the forces of Arirang to the city of Minoc today 11/18 to find out who murdered the Mayor. The Mayor tried to leave clues but we had to find a Tinkerer to finally put all the pieces together. The Tinkerer mentioned the Brotherhood of Sosaria being involved and that they used Ancient Magic wearing pendants only Siegmund recognized. We quickly went to the SHRINE only to find it was being corrupted by a bloodstone. Upon approaching the Bloodstone faceless men from the void appeared around us; they came from every direction. After killing dozens of them The Piper appeared he was slaughtering our forces left and right we finally killed him and shattered the Bloodstone into many fragments; finally the shrine was safe."

10 of these were originally created.

This item is a brokered sale.