A Fondant-Filled Easter Egg Wrapped In Brightly Colored Foil
A 42% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Easter Egg With An Added Hint Of Orange And Filled With Almonds
A 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Strawberry Filling
A Delicate Sugar Shell Easter Egg Filled with Peanut Butter Cream
A Chocolate Easter Egg Wrapped in Bright Foil
An Easter Egg Crafted Out Of Solidified Dulce De Leche
A solidified dulce de leche easter egg
A Milk Chocolate Egg Filled With Creamy Dulce De Leche
A Fondant-Filled Easter Egg Wrapped In Brightly Colored Foil
A Creamy White Chocolate Easter Egg, Wrapped In Bright Foil To Hide How Delicious It Will Be
A Beautifully Wrapped Marbled Egg, With White Milk and Chocolate Milk Swirled Together
A Handpainted Wooden Easter Egg
A Foil-Wrapped Easter Egg With A Compacted Mixture Of Carrots, Cream Cheese And Cake
A Hard Candy Easter Egg, Fiilled With Bunny Shaped Pastel Pieces
Corastine Evanir Wishes You A Virtue Filled Easter, With A Fondant Filled Easter Egg
A Brightly Wrapped Egg With Happy Easter From Kanmare and Vytecca In Caligraphy On The Foil
The Easter Bunny Laid This Egg For You No..You Dont Want To Know The Technical Details
Barra Linath, Drow Assasin. Wishes You A Happy Easter.. Poison Isnt Usually Her Style.. Tempting
An Easter Egg Soaked In Some Of Kaden Marsten's Favourite Ale
A Rich Dark Chocolate Easter Egg Studded With Strawberry Chips
A strawberry coated easter egg
A peanut butter coated easter egg
White Chocolate with lemon mousse
A chocolate egg with a fondant filling easter egg
A cracked easter egg, drained of all brightness
An old dirty egg
An easter egg
A easter egg with a cream filling
A Lemon coated easter egg
A Pineapple coated easter egg
A Orange coated easter egg
A Strawberry coated easter egg
A Raspberry coated easter egg
A Lime coated easter egg
A Curiously Decorated Easter Egg
A Creamy Chocolate Easter Egg
Sigil Colored Egg "An Exceedingly Elegant Easter Egg Painted By Amelia Varaeli'n"

A Brightly Colored Easter Egg
A Plainly Colored Easter Egg (not sure on exact wording)
"Looks like Trubo's Robe Color Doesn't It?" Colored Easter Egg
A Seppo Egg (Warning: May Contain a Seppo) (20)
A Hypnotic Easter Egg (8)
William's Delight: A Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Pallando Red Easter Egg
Smoke Colored Easter Egg
Orange Easter Egg
Jasmine Scented White Chocolate Egg (11)
Kemer's Delight: A Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg
Kemer's Tears
Baja 2009 Easter Egg
Golden Brew Premium Chocolate Egg
"It's Not Pink, It's Light Red!" Easter Egg
"It's Whatever Color You Want It To Be" Easter Egg
Lady Nystad's Pick: Mocha Flavored Chocolate Egg
A Delicious Truffle Egg (30)
Super Hot Pink Easter Egg
An Intricately Designed Chocolate Egg.. Brimming with Amaretto
A Dark Chocolate Easter Egg.. It Smells Wrong

Muscovy Duck Egg
Easter Egg "Happy Easter 2009 from catskills"
Easter Egg " Happy Easter Catskills 2009"

A Smelly Egg
A Rotten Egg
A Spoiled Egg
A Chocolate Easter Egg
A Half Eaten Chocolate Easter Egg
A Special Egg
A Cracked Egg
A Pickled Egg
A Pickeled Egg
A Golden Easter Egg
A Happy Easter Egg
A White Chocolate Egg
A Golden Egg
A Greedy Egg
A Shiny Egg
A Prized Egg
A Brightly Colored Egg

Drachenfels Easter Egg
Frohe Ostern! Easter Egg
Ein Osterei Easter Egg
Drachenfels Osterei Easter Egg
Frohe Ostern Drachenfels Happy Easter 2009

A chocolate egg found on Europa-2009
A cracked egg found on Europa-2009
The Easter Bunny was here Europa-2009
Spring is in the air. easter is here! Europa-2009
A Brightly Coloured Egg Found On Europa - 2009
With Love... From The Easter Bunny. Europa - 2009

Great Lakes:
Great Lakes 2009 easter egg

Lake Austin:
Happy Easter 2009 [Lake Austin]
Ruby Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
Emerald Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
Happy Easter [EM Sarthus & EM Dexter Lake Austin 2009]
Happy Easter 2009 [Lake Ausin- EM Sarthus & EM Dexter]
Happy Easter 2009, Lake Austin! [From EM Sarthus & EM Dexter]
Handpainted Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
Hand Painted Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
Rotten Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
Chocolate Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
Cheesecake Egg [Lake Austin 2009]
Mystic Easter Egg By The Wanderer [Lake Austin 2009]

Lake Superior
Happy Easter Eggs to the 4 factions
Chocolate Egg
Chocolate Egg with Marshmallow Filling
Happy Easter! From EM Quantum
Happy Easter! From EM Autolycus
Rotten Egg
A Jeweled Egg
Happer Easter Lake Superior, 2009
Century Egg

Happy Easter 2009 [Legends] Easter Eggs

Napa Valley:
Happy Easter 2009 (Napa Valley)

Easter Down Under, 2009
Have A Hopping Mad Easter Oceania, 2009
Happy Easter Oceania, 2009

Happy Easter Origin 2009
Chocolate Cream Egg 2009
A Decorated Egg : Origin 2009
A Hand-Painted Easter Egg : Origin 2009
A Magical Easter Egg : Origin 2009
A Paragon Easter Egg : Origin 2009
A Perfect Easter Egg : Origin 2009
A Royal Britannian Easter Egg : Origin 2009
Chocolate Creme Egg 2009
Hand Painted Easter Egg : Origin 2009
Happy Easter Origin 2009
Super Sparkle Easter Egg : Origin 2009
The Best Easter Egg Ever : Origin 2009
Easter Egg of Doom: Origin 2009
Cracked Easter Egg : Origin 2009
Rotten Easter Egg: Origin 2009
A polka dotted Easter Egg : Origin 2009

Mis-Dyed Easter Egg
Shiny Easter Egg
Lord British Castle Easter Egg
Brilliant Easter Egg
Pastel Easter Egg
Slippery Easter Egg
Broken Easter Egg
Rotten Easter Egg
Easter Egg Lovingly Decorated By Omo Trovi
Pure Black w/ Neon Green Speckles "Rotten Egg"
Orange "Crushed Egg"
Purple "Eyesore of an Easter Egg"
Orange "ROC Egg"
Pink "Magical Easter Egg"
Seafoam Green "Slippery Ester Egg"
Dark Gray "Smelly Egg"
Dark Purple "Autographed Specially By Easter Bunny (Pacific 2009)"
Luna White (Fake Fabrege Easter Egg)
Highly Polished Easter Egg
Special Lord British Castle Easter Egg
Crushed Egg
Mysterious Easter Egg
Autographed Specially By Easter Bunny! [Pacific 2009]
An Orcish Easter Egg
A Magical Easter Egg
Smelly Egg
An Engraved Easter Egg: Pacific 2009
An Odd Easter Egg Painted by EM Lillimu
Roc Easter Egg
Pastel Easter Egg
Elf Decorated Easter Egg
Sickly Egg
Fake Fabrege Egg (Ice White)

Siege Perilous:

Chocolate Egg 2009
Here Comes Peter Rabbit Sonoma 2009
Easter Egg 2009
Hippity Hoppitty Happy Easter Egg Sonoma 2009
White Chocolate Easter Eggs Sonoma 2009
Decorated Easter Egg Sonoma 2009
A Chocolate Egg Wrapped In Gold Foil The Easter Bunny 2009
Happy Easter Day Sonoma 2009
Strawberry Cream Egg Sonoma 2009
A Gold Wrapped Easter Egg Stolen From The Easter Bunny 2009
Deviled Egg
Marshmallow Egg 2009
Rotting Egg Sonoma 2009
Happy Easter Egg Day Sonoma 2009
A Bad Egg 2009
Corrupted Easter Egg Sonoma 2009