Britannian Royal Spy - Runner

Britannian Royal Spy - Runner


Great Lakes Shard, Season 11, 2013.

Britannian Royal Spy - Runner Glasses

The Britannian Royal Spy items were given out as rewards for attendance and participation in the Great Lakes event. The higher the rank title, the more attendance and participation. So far Glasses, Pants,and Shirts have been given out.

Highest to lowest ranks are as follows (taken from the Great Lakes EM site):

  • Order of the Shadow Serpent – A rumored secret society said to include the masterminds of the intelligence world. Its origin, membership requirements, and very existence are wreathed in mystery and speculation.
  • Ghost – You do not exist. We have never heard of you. According to our records, you died ten years ago. Peacefully. In your own bed.
  • Fixer – You are building your own spy network and get more responsibilities. But not more pay.
  • Agent – If people knew what you did, they’d be in awe. And you’d be dead.
  • Operative – You are getting some attention. Not all of it good.
  • Investigator – Congratulations, you’re a real spy now. You’re finally fully accepted into the organization you’ve been risking your life for.
  • Scout – You are the advance eyes of the team. Try not to get yourself killed.
  • Runner – You are responsible for moving important messages between cities. Sealed messages.
  • Consultant – Get your reports in on time. We may trust you with more someday.
  • Watcher – You watch the buildings we tell you to and report back. You do not engage.
  • Snitch – You listen to rumors in a tavern. Occasionally, a real spy throws you a few coins for your info.

*Thank you Nails for the info on numbers!

10-15 of these were originally created.