Leather Boots Of The Phoenix

Leather Boots Of The Phoenix

Atlantic Shard, Season 11, 2013 -EM Bennu Drop

Leather Boots Of The Phoenix - These boots dropped on Atlantic during an event, and quickly became very popular. Many people who already owned Phoenix Armor Suits wanted to obtain these boots as a good match on the suit. The prices for this item quickly rose to 600-800 soon after the drop. and is more than likely 800m-1b gold or more now!

It is unknow whether this drop was intentionally dropped for the Phoenix suit set, however with the name and the coloring of the boots, it is a perfect match. The Rares Community were divided on how they felt about this controversial drop. Some were happy to finally have a foot piece to their suit set, while others were angered that their hard worked for "Complete" suit was now ruined, and that there were not enough boots to go around, thus it ruined a perfectly good and extremely old collector's suit.


15 of these were originally created.