Spell Casting Stuff

Spell Casting Stuff

Glacial Bag

Originally Test Center ---Lake Superior

Spell Casting Stuff is a glacial blue bag that is given on test center to each character. The bag ended up on Lake Superior and was found by a player in an idoc.

It is unknown how many of these bags exist off of trade center. This bag may or may not be a unique... If you know anyone else who has one of these bags, please contact me with details on where I can verify this.

The player who owns this bag currently, forwarded me an email conversation to Mesanna regarding the item. I have not verified the authenticity of the email conversation!! if you are an interested buyer for this item, or items like it, and want to make sure that the items are legal to keep, I would suggest going after your own answers from Mesanna. You can see the email conversation in the attached picture.

This bag comes empty and does not work at all like the test center bags. It only acts like a normal bag that can be locked down and secured.

This item is a brokered sale item, it is not in my possesion. The seller does not know how much he wants for this item, so do not ask! He wants offers. Right now highest offer is 625 m or equivalent.

Please see:

? of these were originally created.

This item is a brokered sale.